Nicknames for Starting Hands in Texas Hold 'Em, Part Two - Non-Paired Hands

In our last article, we looked at nicknames for all of the pocket pairs you could potentially receive when playing Texas Hold 'Em. We will now continue our look at these nicknames by examining some non-paired starting hands with special names attached to them.

Ace-King: Big Slick, Anna Kournikova (looks good, rarely wins), Machine Gun (AK-47), "Walking Back to Houston" (which is attributed to the following quote by poker legend T.J. Cloutier: "I can see you learned to play in Houston. Those Houston scr888 players would come to Dallas and play that ace-king, but they'd always end up against a pair of aces. That's why we call that hand 'Walking back to Houston.'")

Ace-Queen: Little Slick, Doyle Brunson

Ace-Jack: Blackjack (for obvious reasons)

Ace-Ten: A-Team, Johnny Moss

King-Queen suited: Royal Marriage

King-Queen offsuit: Mixed Marriage

King-Jack: Kojak

King-Jack offsuit: The Bachelor (Jack-King off)

K-9: Hand of the Dog (K-9 = Canine)

K-3: King Crab